Predict the outcome of your scenario with 90% accuracy, based on factors

Leverage the proprietary AI-powered prediction engine to gain the competitive edge.

Blue J Tax is both fast, accurate and provides an in-depth way to siphon through case law. Typically, the AI can further provide both valuable insight and useful, succinct analysis.”

David Chodikoff Miller Thomson
David Chodikoff

Start your analysis off right using an expert questionnaire

Input the factors of your client’s scenario according to an expert-built questionnaire that leaves no relevant factor behind.

Prediction Report
Prediction Report

Predict the outcome with 90% accuracy

Leverage AI to predict the outcome of your scenario by analyzing thousands of previous decisions instantly. Effortlessly test the importance of different factors against your predicted outcome.

Compile and share your analysis in seconds

Download a PDF report containing clear, detailed legal explanations of your position. Allow your clients and colleagues to easily digest your position and analyze supporting authorities, all within the report.

Prediction Report