Introducing new and improved Blue J platforms

Aug 10, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new and improved product suite:

  • Blue J Tax (formerly Tax Foresight)
  • Blue J L&E (formerly Employment Foresight)
  • Blue J HR (formerly HR Foresight)

Inspired by input from leading tax, labour and employment, and HR professionals, Blue J’s platforms have been redesigned to offer a highly personalized experience and the ability to easily track and stress test your position. These updates reflect our commitment to provide you with the tools you need to streamline your workflow and support your position with data-backed insights. Along with a redesign, we’ve made some changes to our features. Here’s some of what’s new:

New Home Page

We redesigned the homepage to be completely customizable so you can easily access the issues you most frequently encounter. You can also access your recently viewed cases and saved predictions in just a few clicks from the home page.

Easily Scenario Test
The new design allows you to pivot between factors and change the input to see the weight of each factor and how it may impact the final outcome.