Blue J Tax and Case Finder Create a Big Impact in Legal Research

Aug 16, 2017

Law and accounting firms across Canada are buzzing: Blue J Tax and Case Finder are revolutionizing tax law research. Our users are working smarter and more efficiently than ever, spending less time digging through keyword and boolean searches and more time delivering greater value to clients.Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients are saying:

  • “Blue J Tax is very impressive. Results that could require up to 40 hours of research by a junior come up within two minutes.”
    —Marlene Cepparo (Partner-in-Charge, National Tax Center at KPMG)
  • “I used to spend hours on Taxnet Pro searching for cases – Case Finder cuts the research time from 6 hours to 1 hour. Great product, I love it.”
    —National Law Firm
  • “We had a bad feeling about the case and then ran it through Blue J Tax. The classification was 95%+ against our client. We settled the case immediately.”
    —Sole Practitioner
  • “Our firm needs this tool. The ability to find similar cases so quickly is a great feature.”
    —International Law Firm
  • “Our firm would use this product early in the process to ensure no problems arise later on.”
    —Accounting Firm

Your Feedback Matters

What do you think of Blue J Tax and Case Finder? Our legal experts constantly train Blue J Tax’s machine learning platform to become smarter and more robust. Your feedback is instrumental in building a better product. Are you getting the most out of Blue J Tax and Case Finder? Tell us which classifiers you would like to see next.