Find the most relevant decisions 100x faster

Replace endless keyword searches with a factor-based search engine to ensure you won’t miss a detail.

Blue J Tax helps streamline our legal research. It is a next generation legal research tool that allows us to fulfill our promise of providing the best service we can.”

Jenna Schwartz Richter
Jenna Schwartz

Results that could require up to 40 hours of research, a junior can come up with in under two minutes.”

Marlene Cepparo Partner-in-Charge, National Tax Centre
Marlene Cepparo

I started working at Blue J two months ago and I can truly say I am loving it here. The people, the culture, my role; everything has aligned with the great expectations I had. I feel motivated daily and am so proud to be part of such a great team of professionals.”

Lisa Bacchus Events & Account-Based Marketing Manager
Lisa Bacchus

There aren’t many times in your career where you have an opportunity to create a category – I’m doing that here at Blue J.”

Thomas Franche-Nolan Account Executive
Thomas Franche-Nolan

I could not have hoped for a better starting point for my career than here at Blue J. I am challenged, inspired, meaningfully involved and supported in every way. It is very fulfilling to help build such a great product and be part of this diverse and brilliant team.”

Kathrin Gardhouse Legal Research Associate
Kathrin Gardhouse

Find decisions based on factors, not keywords

Blue J has identified the key factors on specific issues that allow you to filter your case search in seconds, instead of running endless keyword searches.

Case Finder
Case Finder

No more needles and haystacks

Input the key factors of your client’s scenario and discover only the most relevant previous decisions that align with your situation. Save countless hours spent reviewing decisions that don’t matter.

Analyze decisions effortlessly

Build your position easily by filtering the cases you want to analyze by court, taxpayer and many other factors relevant to each tax issue.

Decision Finder