Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Sep 30, 2019

It is tempting to cite the benefits of being the early bird when it comes to innovation—but some firms fear they may be burned by being too quick to adopt new technology.

Adopting new legal technology, particularly legal tech involving artificial intelligence (AI), requires genuine commitment and a willingness to innovate in a profession that has been around since Roman times.

The benefits of being an early adopter of AI, however, far outweigh the risks.

The first step in evaluating whether AI-powered legal technology is right for your firm is understanding the legal tech field as a whole, demystifying some of the applications of AI and seeing firsthand the applications of machine learning to domains typically reserved for human instinct and judgment.

The following webinar discusses:

  • The evolution of legal research
  • A brief overview of legal tech solution areas
  • Demystifying AI
  • Machine learning in detail: supervised versus unsupervised
  • The benefits of embracing legal tech

Speaker: Avi Brudner

Avi Brudner is COO of Blue J Legal. After graduating from Yale Law School, he was an attorney at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP where he advised hedge fund and private equity fund managers in all stages of the fund lifecycle. More recently, Avi worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he designed and implemented transformation and product development strategies for technology companies in the Fortune 500.