Get the courts in your corner

Predict outcomes and gain clarity on complex Labour & Employment issues with our easy-to-use platform

Features & benefits

Reduce time on research & analysis

Quickly identify similar decisions based on factors and outcomes, rather than keywords.

Fortify your position

Confidently predict outcomes, identify authorities, and how key factors can impact your position.

Avoid missing cases

Identify, manage, and access the latest cases to deliver the most informed outcome.

Scenario planning

Use your findings to plan, create reports, and interview potential clients.

For labour & employment lawyers

  • Support your position

    Present persuasive arguments based on hundreds of relevant decisions.

  • Efficiently train junior staff

    Enable juniors to discover key factors in court decisions.

  • Find the right decisions

    Search for similar decisions by factors and outcomes.

For in-house counsel

  • Offer fair termination packages

    Leverage insights from past cases to provide fair termination package offers.

  • Mitigate litigation risk

    Avoid costly disputes using unbiased reports that corroborate your position.

  • Internal vs external direction

    Gain clarity on whether to handle internally or refer to external counsel.

For HR professionals

  • Increase accuracy

    Our predictions for common compliance issues are 90% accurate.

  • Mitigate litigation risk

    Identify risk and avoid costly disputes by using an unbiased report.

  • Improve clarity

    Clarity on whether to handle the matter internally or to refer to external counsel.

How it works

New cases are added weekly to ensure the most accurate analysis and outcomes

Getting started is simple

No installation required

No hardware to install or systems to configure. We provide a login and the platform is ready to use through any modern web browser.

Accessible anywhere, any time

Enjoy quick and easy access online with our cloud-based platform.

Dedicated customer success team

From onboarding to day-to-day support, we are with you every step of the way.