Introducing Blue J diagramming

Experience how effortless tax entity and relationship diagramming can be

Blue J Diagramming
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Eliminate the manual work of diagramming relationships & entities


Exclusively for tax practitioners

Unlike general drawing tools, Blue J diagramming has been built specifically to meet the demands of tax practitioners.

More than a drawing tool

Capture data about the entities and the relationships to access further insight into how the legislation and regulations affect a given structure.


Easy-to-use interface

Enjoy a seamless diagramming experience with the system’s cutting edge and intuitive design.

Build better analyses

Blue J diagramming complements Blue J’s existing predictive analysis tools to help you predict outcomes to your tax questions based on the merits of your situation.

Blue J Diagramming

How to use Blue J diagramming

Open a new canvas

Create a new diagram from scratch or use a template by our Legal Research Team for typical structures and reorganizations.


Draw each entity and identify the relationships among them. Use the tailored fields to enter relevant information.


Once your diagram is completed, you can visualize the full picture to spot potential tax issues and identify opportunities for tax efficiencies.

Document & share

Download a PDF report of your diagram showcasing your analysis to keep in your client’s file or to share with your colleagues. Add the diagram to a workspace to complete your analysis of a complex tax issue with a visual representation.